Episode 1

Peter Green

S1E1: Peter Green

If you’re like most people, you know “Black Magic Woman” as a Santana song, right? Stay tuned as Mark and Rich talk about the legendary Peter Green.

Stay tuned!

The Flip Side

Play Off

This week’s Play Off is Peter Green’s Oh Well (Part I). Fleetwood Mac performed their hit song on the UK’s Music Mash when it was first released in 1969. Tom Petty & Heartbreakers did an amazing cover of the song in their 2007 30 Anniversary Concert “Running Down a Dream”.

Fleetwood Mac

Tom Petty

And just for fun, here’s an earlier video of Santana playing and owning Peter Green’s “Black Magic Woman”

And if you want even more….here’s Peter Green and Carlos Santana playing “Black Magic Woman” at the 1988 Rock & Roll Hall Fame Induction Ceremony
Santana with Peter Green

Deeper Dive and Source Material

Suggested Reading

Wikipedia Page
Fleetwood Mac Page
John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers Page
Peter Green Bio

Suggested Listening:

John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – “A Hard Road” 1967
Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – “Same” 1968
Fleetwood Mac – “Mr. Wonderful” 1968
Fleetwood Mac – “Then Play On” 1969
Peter Green Splinter Group – “Best of Peter Green’s Splinter Group” 2006

Peter Green Music
Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
Mick Fleetwood Tribute to Peter Green

Suggested Viewing
“Man of the World” Documentary
Peter Green’s Greatest Guitar Moments
Peter Green “Need Your Love So Bad” Live
Fleetwood Mac “Rattlesnake Shake” Live
Fleetwood Mac “Homework” Live