Season 2, Episode 1

Stax Records

S2E1: Stax Records

Today’s show takes us to Memphis…at the corner of McLemore and College Avenues, also known as “Soulsville, USA.” We’ll be talking about Stax Records, from its humble beginnings through the indelible mark it left on R&B.

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The Flip Side


Play Off

This episode’s Play Off is “Knock on Wood”, which Eddie Floyd has been performing since 1967. The first clip is an early version with a young Eddie performing for a British TV audience. We then jump to 2013 to watch a seasoned Eddie performing at the White House for the Obamas in the televised Memphis Soul Special. And then we move to Beacon Theatre in New York to watch the New York Rock and Soul Review performing with Phoebe Snow.

“Knock on Wood” – Eddie Floyd 1967

“Knock on Wood” at the White House: Memphis Soul – Eddie Floyd

“Knock on Wood” The New York Rock and Soul Revue – Michael McDonald and Phoebe Snow

And if you haven’t had enough “Knock on Wood”, here is a version from 2013 performed by Eric Clapton at the Baloise Session.

“Knock on Wood” – Eric Clapton

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