Season 2, Episode 2

Steve Marriott

S2E2: Steve Marriott

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Today, Mark and Rich are exploring the truth vs. the legend of Steve Marriott, from Artful Dodger to Melvin the Wrestler to spontaneous combustion.  Founder of Small Faces and Humble Pie, Marriott is revered as one of rock ‘n roll’s greatest vocal talents.  

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The Flip Side


Play Off

This episode’s Play Off is “I Don’t Need No Doctor.” Originally written by Valerie Simpson and Nick Ashford years before Steve Marriott and Humble Pie rocked the Filmore with their version.  Here’s Valerie Simpson performing the song at the Berklee College of Music Commencement in 2014, followed by Humble Pie live at the L.A. Forum in 1973.  

Valerie Simpson – “I Don’t Need No Doctor” – Berklee Commencement Concert

Humble Pie – “I Don’t Need No Doctor” – Live LA Forum 1973

Deeper Dive & Suggested Material

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Suggested Listening

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