Season 1, Episode 9

Robbie Robertson

S1E9: Robbie Robertson

Hello music lovers and welcome to Pops & Clicks, the podcast that’s all about the music.

The loss of Robbie Robertson has inspired us to dedicate this show to the music pioneer that transitioned popular music from rockabilly to Americana and changed the landscape of contemporary music.

Today, the life and career of Jaime Royal Robertson.

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Deeper Dive & Suggested Materials

For this episode, we are exploring The Band’s classic song, “The Weight.”  The first version is from the film, The Last Waltz. It’s one of only three songs not recorded during the live performance at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.  Robbie wanted to include The Staples Singers on the performance, but due to a scheduling conflict, they recorded it after the fact at an MGM soundstage in Los Angeles. Then we go back to one of our favorite organizations, Playing for Change, where Robbie joins Ringo Starr and a host of other musicians around the world to create new magic with this legendary song.

“The Weight” from The Last Waltz

“The Weight” – Playing for Change

Deeper Dive & Suggested Material